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Cookies Policy

Cookies are files saved on your electronic device, such as a phone, tablet or computer, when you visit a website. These files may contain data that identifies you, storing your preferences and customizing our website to improve your experience. They also can analyze traffic information, allowing us to improve the performance of our platform and enhance our services.

Types of cookies we use:

First-party cookies, which are those placed by our own website. Some of them are necessary, as they allow the website to function and can be collected at the beginning of website usage; however, when disabled, they can compromise the functioning of our website.

These first-party cookies we collect include:

Temporary or session cookies, which are temporary and expire when you close your browser or when the session ends.

Persistent cookies, which are those that remain stored until you delete them or are automatically deleted on their expiration date. They collect and store information about the use of cookies on the website and language, for example. These remain stored for up to 2 years, but can be manually deleted by you anytime you want.

There are also cookies that are not placed by our company, but by third parties we trust, which we call third-party cookies. This is the case with analytical cookies, for example. They can be temporary or persistent, collecting information regarding how you use our website, the pages you visited and/or links you clicked on. But rest assured, the information we receive from these third parties is not customized, just compiled into statistical data, enabling analysis and improvements to our website.

We also remind you that when accessing other platforms through links made available on our website, you must read the third-party policies (privacy and cookies) and only continue browsing with the agreement of the respective terms.

Browsing our website is subject to acceptance of the conditions described herein.

You have the choice to manually delete cookies in your browser. Browsers usually accept cookies automatically, and the user must customize this, but be aware that this can sometimes affect the website functionality. Here are some tips that may be useful for you to understand how to disable cookies in your browser:

Chrome: Launch the Chrome browser. Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner. Click More tools, and then select Clear Browsing Data.

Firefox: Click on the three lines in the upper right corner. Then click on the lock icon named Privacy and Security. To disable third-party cookies, you can check this option at the top and even block everything with the All third-party cookies option. This may cause some problems, so be prepared to experience some browsing challenges. Scroll down to Firefox’s Cookies and Website Data option. To get rid of all cookies, select the Delete data option. To selectively delete cookies, you can also click Manage Data and browse what has been saved on each website individually. Alternatively, you can delete entries individually.

Opera: The procedure for deleting cookies in Opera is similar to that in other browsers. Click the small arrow icon next to the Minimize button and select Settings. Go to the Privacy & Security section. Select Clear browsing data and the Advanced section, where you can set the time span before deletion.

Macintosh and macOS/Safari: Macintosh and macOS users often use standard browsers such as Chrome and Opera. The procedure for deleting cookies on macOS is very similar to Windows. The instructions above should be helpful. Safari users, on the other hand, after launching the browser, need to click on the Safari menu item in the upper left area of the command bar. You can clear your recent history (including cookies) with just one click. For more control, select Preferences and then Privacy to block cookies or remove specific cookies.

Microsoft Edge: Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser and select Settings. Select the Privacy and Security section. Select Cookies and Saved Website Data. Click Delete.

Internet Explorer: In Internet Explorer, click the small gear icon in the upper right corner. Select Internet Options. Under Browsing History, select the Delete button. Make sure Cookies and Website Data option is checked


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Copyright © Izique Chebabi Advogados Associados 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Data and records respect the content of the law 13.709/2020 LGPD – PRIVACY POLICY – COOKIES POLICY

Copyright © Izique Chebabi Advogados Associados 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Data and records respect the content of the law 13.709/2020 LGPD – PRIVACY POLICY – COOKIES POLICY